“How can you ever hope to know the Beloved,
without becoming in every cell, the lover?”- Rumi

MALAGA, AUGUST 6-9, 2020

Ecstatic Community Retreat

3 days of pure life through dance, music and ceremony in contact with nature and the stars.

Cacao Ceremony with Live Music Orchestra


Wakana Lake


40 artists from all over the world passionate to bring people together through nature, music and art.

Loved up by Cacao Ceremony and Yoga Flow

“Fascinating topics, great asanas and powerful pranayama. We were with a beautiful group of people and Silvia did a great job in gently leading the group into deeper layers. It was great to see how she managed to create an open and welcoming group dynamic where I felt safe to dive into my process. It helped me to deepen my personal practice and to let go of things that no longer served me. Silvia is a knowledgeable teacher with an open mind and open heart. Highly recommended!”