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When you book a private session with me, you get the unique personal attention of a teacher and therapist with 25 years of experience who will give you the expert support and encouragement you need. My private yoga sessions work around your schedule with the convenience of either practicing in the comfort of your home, in my house in Tarifa, outside in nature (weather permitting) or in the oceanfront yoga studio of the Hurricane hotel. Become the alchemist of your own transformation by choosing whatever practice you need to bring balance to your present situation. I tailor private yoga or physio sessions with a therapeutic background to meet your fitness and health goals, adapted to your individual needs and wishes. To manifest any other visions for your most desired future, I am here to mentally help you step into powerful alignment like never before.


Yoga With You

  • Highly recommended for Beginners to feel and understand the main principles of alignment for their unique body before joining a group practice

  • Mentoring for yoga teachers who want to level up their teaching skills through creative sequencing, sharpening techniques or designing inspiring class themes

  • Rewire your mind and transform your reality creating brain and heart coherence⁣⁣ for self-healing and to go beyond your current limitations. Sitting and dynamic meditation, Guided relaxation and meditation techniques

  • For experienced Yogis who wish to break through specific functional barriers or want to enliven a particular energy centre of their body

  • Themed yoga classes and lovingly crafted rituals and ceremonies for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or Blessings that inspire a sense of community

  • Scheduling a private session during a busy week can help you through an especially stressful time and stay on track with your practice when you cannot join group classes



Private Groups & One-on-One Sessions

“What inspiration, kindness and love I received from Silvia. As a yoga teacher for 20 years, I needed some refreshment and new angles to see clearly, find my potential and bring it into my life. I am free! I am love! I am a creator! A wonderful experience! There are no barriers that can stop me doing what I want to do and share it with the world.”